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Behind the Scene at M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.

Name Puzzle Letters

Name Puzzle Letters 0

Working late at night on letters for custom name puzzle orders that came in last week.

View our custom name puzzle here

  • Miriam Handfield
Fun Party Photos

Fun Party Photos 0

Had a great time taking even more photos and working on flat lay picture layouts.



  • Miriam Handfield
Late Night Workdesk

Late Night Workdesk 0

working late into the night making handmade wooden toys. A peak at my home desk at M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.

Behind the scenes work desk at M.D. Handfield Designs Inc. This is where some of the MDH Toys magic is created.

Colour sorting sets!

Colour sorting sets! 0

Painted by hand with brush.

Wood Name Puzzles

Wood Name Puzzles 0

Routering out a letter in the base of a MDH TOYS wood name puzzle for toddlers, handmade wooden toys made in Canada
Here at M.D. Handfield Designs Inc, we still do woodworking using traditional methods. Solid wood letters are cut by scroll saw and sanded smooth by hand. The solid wood puzzle bases are also done in the traditional way, without the use of computerized machines. This post highlights a video of Shane routering out one of the letter holes in a puzzle base last night.
Making Montessori Inspired Handcrafted Wooden Reading Spinners

Making Montessori Inspired Handcrafted Wooden Reading Spinners 0

Painting the letters onto solid wood blocks for MDH Toys Montessori Style Reading Spinners by M.D. Handfield Designs. Handmade wooden educational toys made in Canada
Each set still takes a couple of hours to make, but it is nowhere near how long it took me to design each individual spinner to make sure all words are real words. About 20-30 hours of design development went into each Montessori style reading spinner, approx 100 hours in total for each set.