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Storybook Corner

The Dragonscale Quest

The Dragonscale Quest 0

Girl playing with MDH Toys Dragon Viking Castle. Handmade wooden toy made in Canada by M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.


A rare dragonscale egg has been found in the Hayden mountains. Join King Liam, grand knight Jackson and vikings Ronan and Jase on the quest to save the dragonscale egg and bring it back safely to the land of Braylee. 
Party On The Moon

Party On The Moon 0

Party on Moon short childrens story by Canadian artist and author Miriam Handfield. Handmade wooden toys of aliens standing on cartoon planet background
Join Alex on another Closet Adventure! In this short story he receives a birthday invitation and this birthday is being held on the moon!
Oh What A Day! A Companion Story to MDH Toys Mixed Vowel CVC Spinner

Oh What A Day! A Companion Story to MDH Toys Mixed Vowel CVC Spinner 0

Ladybug wlking around with a drink storybook page from Oh What A Day. Companion to MDH TOYS cvc mixed vowel spinner by M.D. Handfield Designs Inc. Made in Canada


  • Miriam Handfield
Peter Pan: Mermaid Lagoon (Story by J.M. Barrie)

Peter Pan: Mermaid Lagoon (Story by J.M. Barrie) 0


Neverland Mermaid lagoon peg doll playset by M. D. Handfield Designs Inc. made in Canada.

Wendy had never seen the lagoon by moonlight, less from fear, for of course Peter would have accompanied her, than because she had strict rules about every one being in bed by seven. She was often at the lagoon, however, on sunny days after rain, when the mermaids come up in extraordinary numbers to play with their bubbles. The bubbles of many colours made in rainbow water they treat as balls, hitting them gaily from one to another with their tails, and trying to keep them in the rainbow till they burst. The goals are at each end of the rainbow, and the keepers only are allowed to use their hands. Sometimes hundreds of mermaids will be playing in the lagoon at a time, and it is quite a pretty sight.

Alex and The Great Snail Race

Alex and The Great Snail Race 0

Peg Doll Alex riding wooden snail Brighton in the Great Snail Race children's storybook Alex's Closet Adventures by Canadian artist/author Miriam Handfield

Alex has just received a letter from his friend Brighton in Amanita. The Great Snail Race is on and they are short one rider. Will Alex accept the challenge and become the final rider for Amanita's Great Snail Race? And even more important, will his mom let him go?

Once upon A Story

Once upon A Story 0

Boy looking at storybook in library. MDH Toys facilitates a love of books through storytelling characters

One of the best methods of learning is through storytelling, whether it be reading, writing or watching a video. Kids love to listen to stories and we are honoured to provide you with children's stories written by Miriam Handfield, as well as providing you with tales from classic stories and fairytales that we have licensing agreements with.