Alex and The Great Snail Race

Peg Doll Alex riding wooden snail Brighton in the Great Snail Race children's storybook Alex's Closet Adventures by Canadian artist/author Miriam Handfield

“Mom!  Mom!” Alex ran into the room just about out of breath. “There is a snail race in the meadow this afternoon and they are short one rider! Can I ride a snail in the race, please?”

“Sure, Alex.” said mom as she put another spoonful of soup into Baby sister’s mouth.

Alex ran to his room and closed the door. He stepped inside his closet, opened the secret panel and typed SNAIL RACE. His closet turned into a hollow tree and when he opened the closet door, his room was gone and he was at the edge of the meadow.

With a run, skip and a jump he was on Brighton’s back and they zoomed their way to the race track.

After a couple of practice laps, they took their place at the starting gate.

“Ready, Set, GO!!!!” Rena flapped her butterfly wings up and down signalling the start of the race.

All the snails and riders took off.  Alex and Brighton passed Abby and Lisa as they rounded the toadstool. Then they passed Wilton and Magnum around the far edge of Ribbit Pond. As they were rounding the last corner, Florent and Zigzag passed them and won first place.

 “That was a great race.” Alex said as he shook hands with the winner of the race. He turned to Brighton and said, “Time for my bath! That was a workout. Thanks for letting me join”.

Alex went back to the hollow tree, jumped inside it and typed HOME. When he opened the door he was back in his bedroom. He found his mom and told her all about the race.

 As Mom was helping him get ready for his bath Alex said “Brighton gave me this, can I bring it into the tub like he does when he has a bath?” He pulled a frog out of his pocket and it hopped into the tub.

 ~The End~


©Copyright 2015. Miriam Handfield. All Rights Reserved.

Government of Canada IPP Registration Number: 1136351


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