Party On The Moon

Party on Moon short childrens story by Canadian artist and author Miriam Handfield. Handmade wooden toys of aliens standing on cartoon planet background


Alex was excited. He had just received a birthday party invitation and ran to tell his mom.

“I’ve been invited to the moon to visit Martians at the castle and eat cheeseburgers and cake!” said Alex excitedly.

“That’s nice, dear. Have a good time.” said his mom, only half paying attention as she was changing his baby sister’s diaper.

Alex went into his bedroom closet, closed the closet door and opened the hidden panel. He typed in the words ROCKET SHIP TO THE MOON. His closet turned into a rocket ship.

When he heard the ding, he opened the closet door. His bedroom was gone and he was in the middle of the moon rock garden. With a hop, skip, jump and a flip Alex was at the castle door.

Alex rang the doorbell. Buzz. Buzz. The door opened and he walked into the party.

The castle was full of loud music and there were Martians playing games everywhere. Alex decided to play a couple rounds of put the eyelash on Wanda (Martian’s version of pin the tail on the donkey) and make Mike belch (Martian version of piñata).

After the games were done, Alex sat down at a table with Roland to eat. They stuffed themselves with hamburgers and cupcakes.

“Happy Birthday, Roland” said Alex. “This is something we use on Earth that might come in handy. It’s a toothbrush. We use it after we eat our food.”

When the party was over, Alex stepped back into his rocket ship closet, typed in home and opened the door. Once again, he was back in his own bedroom. He told his mom about the party and the games he played there. Mom smiled thinking his imagination was wonderful.

As Alex was putting on his coat to go outside, he remembered something.

He turned back quickly, plopped an eyeball cupcake in her hand and said. “Oh yeah, Mom. Roland wanted me to give you this. He also said thank you for the toothbrush.”


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