The Dragonscale Quest

MDH Toys Dragon Viking Castle. Handmade wooden toy made in Canada by M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.  Photo by Evie Rose Photography (Edmonton, Alberta)


"Land Ho!" cried Ronan as he spotted King Liam's castle on the high cliffs of Braylee. 

"Aye! I see it" shouted Jase as he steered their dragon boat towards the banks of Braylee Cove.

" I can' wait to see his face when King Liam hears about the rare dragon egg on the mountains of Hayden." said Ronan as he fought the wind and rowed the boat onto shore.

Jackson, the grand knight of Braylee, came down to the shore to meet them. After exchanging greetings the four men went up to the castle to talk with King Liam.

King Liam heard their story. A rare dragonscale egg was found in a nest hidden in one of the caves in the Mountains of Hayden. Lady Isabelle who was trained in the art of dragonspeak was watching over it, keeping it safe from all harm and invaders. Her apprentice Jovie was keeping her company.

After hearing that the dragon egg was abandoned, King Liam decided at once that they must bring the dragon egg to the land of Braylee. That way they could guarantee the safety of the dragonling when it hatched.

The 4 men got prepared for their quest to retrieve the rare dragonscale egg. 


 Now it is your turn to finish the rest of the story... set pieces to finish the quest can be purchased here: Viking Dragon Castle Collection

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