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Practical Applications

CVC Reading Spinners Can Teach So Much More Than Just Reading

CVC Reading Spinners Can Teach So Much More Than Just Reading 0

Montessori Materials CVC Reading Spinners made in Canada by M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.
A different reason to use Montessori Style  CVC reading spinners in the classroom:

My middle child, Joshua, was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was 3 years old. He was completely non-verbal until shortly after he turned 5. We worked with him at first with PECS and then a little miracle happened for us, he started to recognize letters and started to try sounding out letters. Because his attention span was so short... 
Teaching Colours Before Age 3

Teaching Colours Before Age 3 0

Teaching a young toddler all their colours by letting them have hands on experiences. Toddler pouring red and blue acrylic paint to mix into purple.
Toddlers are at a special age of exploration and are beginning to learn about simple colours. Having the same shapes painted in different colours, like shown, will help a child focus on the colours rather than focusing on different shapes. I introduced my daughter to colours at around the 24 month mark. The first tool I started using was the MDH Toys Potted Gnomes.
  • Miriam Handfield
Crafting Up Some Magic - the Kids Way

Crafting Up Some Magic - the Kids Way 0


Girl holding MDH Toys handcrafted unicorn wand and stirring up some magic.


Magic can be so much fun. And making magic is great. There are so many ways to make magic and to give the gift of magic. Here are a few suggestions.