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Crafting Up Some Magic - the Kids Way

Crafting Up Some Magic - the Kids Way
Girl holding MDH Toys handcrafted unicorn wand and stirring up some magic.
Magic can be so much fun. And making magic is great. There are so many ways to make magic and to give the gift of magic. Here are a few suggestions.

Giving the Gift of Magic to others:

  • surprise someone with a random act of kindness such as paying for their coffee at a drive through
  • surprise someone with a random act of service such as shovelling snow off of a sidewalk before they get home


Making Magic the Scientific way:

  • Create a magic salt crystal garden (adult supervision required)
  • Make old pennies look new again
  • Create a Volcano!
  • Create a Rocketing explosion! (don't worry, it is safe but you will want to do this outside)
  • Craft Magic bubbles


Crafting Magic in the Kitchen:

  • Magical Cookie Dough (one batch of cookie dough can make 7 different kinds of cookies) 
  • Magic Potion drinks



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