CVC Reading Spinners Can Teach So Much More Than Just Reading

Girl holding MDH Toys Reading Spinner Wooden Toys Educational Toys made in Canada. Photo by Katlin Shuherk Photography

A different reason to use Monetessori Style CVC reading spinners in the classroom:

My middle child was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was 3 years old. He was completely non-verbal until shortly after he turned 5. We worked with him at first with PECS and then a little miracle happened for us, he started to recognize letters and started to try sounding out letters. Because his attention span was so short (less than 5 minutes) and he always needed something for his hands to fidget with I made him some basic 3 letter words on blocks for him to turn and sound out.

He is 12 years old right now and still uses these type of spinners as he has not yet mastered his reading. But working everyday on them he is able to sound out more and more. We use these at home and in the public school classroom that he attends when he is able to. One of the neat things that his teacher started doing when I gave the school the set for him was bringing his peers over one at a time so that they would interact with him and help him sound out each new word as he turns the spinner.

Not only do these spinners currently help him with his letter, sound, and word recognition, but they also help him to interact with nero-normal children in his class. As a result, by using these type of educational materials in the classroom, his peers are able to form connections with him and the classroom environment has become a kind of family to him according to his special needs instructors.

It is my hopes that these reading spinners can help not only the typical child ages 3-5 learning to read, but can also help out other special needs children both with their instructors and with their peers in an integrated classroom environment.

If our reading spinners have helped your child, we would love for you to share your story with us.

Thanks so much.

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