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Importance of Play

Importance of Play

Over quarantine many of us have found it challenging to keep up with online schooling. Especially with pre-k and kindergarten students due to technology. Things like Google Meet is not designed for small children because it's hard for young children to connect without human interaction. They can't keep eye contact or have fluent conversations. While we’ve all been trying our best, at times it may seem like there is nothing we can do. But It's important to have our children learning with physical objects such as drawing on paper or playing with blocks instead of letting YouTube recommendations decide what they watch. Using physical objects also develops the use of fine motor skills and thinking for themselves.



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  • S Handfield
Comments 5
  • Laurie

    So true. So much to be learned through play.

  • Laurie

    So true. So much to be learned through play.

  • Catherine

    Absolutely, replicating a classroom experience at home is so hard especially for younger children who really need to learn through play

  • Kari

    Very informative and well thought information.

  • Gina

    Well researched and really informative.

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