Age 6 - 8 years - Items tagged as "Learn to read"

View all 100 board alberta Alice in Wonderland alien alphabet alphabet blocks animal aqua astronaut ball barn barnyard barrier barrier game bead bee bees beetle berries black block blue boat bowl bowling bowling pin brick bricks buckingham bug building building blocks bumblebee bunny bus camping Canada castle caterpillar chakra chicken Christmas colour learning colour sorting colours communication cosmic counting counting board cow cricket cube cup cups CVC CVC words dexterity dog dragon dragon egg duck Easter edmonton education educational egg fairy garden farm farm animal firefighter fireman firemen flamingo game geographical area geography geography puzzle gold green guard hand kite handheld handkite hedgehog hippy history hockey hollow egg honey bee honey bees honeybees horse hot pink hundred hundred board iris kayak kite knight ladybug learn to read learning toy lemon light pink lime magic magic wand map maple mapping math measurement Montessori mountain mushroom mustard natural ninja open ended orange outer space palace party favour patten peg peg doll peg person people person personalized puzzle phonetic pig pin pink play set pointer pot pots preschool province provincial purple puzzle rainbow Reading Reading spinner red region ribbon rocky role play school science sensory sheep sheild size skating skiing sledding snow snowman snowmen soldier space speach spelling spin top sports stacking STEM STIM stocking stuffer storytelling stringing sword table top tabletop teacher's pointer teal toddler top trailer travel game tye dye viking vintage Waldorf wand white wind wand winter wooden blocks wooden egg wooden game wooden peg doll wooden toy yellow