100 Board Math Set

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Not your typical math bead board, this solid wood 100 count board is oh so versatile and can be used in many different ways including for both math and language arts. The board fits great in backpacks and is easy to carry with you on your travels. This is a must have that is great for both home and classroom use.

{Side A}

~ Use as a 1-10 board
Instead of having the number of holes that correspond with the number it is beside, this 10 count board has 10 spots for beads in each of the 10 number areas. The reason behind this design was to ensure kids are actively engaged in the counting and number recognition process and not just mindlessly filling in all the holes. This design allows for changing the order of the numbers so that kids have to actively think about what they are seeing as they put the accurate number of beads that correspond to the tile.

~ Use as a 11-15 and a 16-20 board
Instead of having to get a separate board for counting out 11-20, you can simply place the 11-20 tile you want to use in the middle of the board and have the kids count out the appropriate number of beads. Because the numbers are on laser engraved tiles, you can change up the order of the numbers to ensure your child is really recognizing the number they are working with.

~ Use as a pattern board
Using coloured balls and laminated cards, you can use this boards to learn pattern recognition and completing patterns

~ Use as a decimal board or a fraction board
Because the board is split in two columns and groups of 10, it is very easy to use this board for learning decimals as well as fractions

~ Use as a language arts learning board
Little beads with letters on them make for fun ways of learning to spell. The grooves in the board allows for laminated cards to be placed in each of the 10 slots. Kids can match up little beads with laminated cards featuring letters and pictures.

~ Use as a storytelling board
Tiny peg dolls with tiny laminated story cards can be used to tell stories with these boards

{Side B}

~ Use as a 100 count board
When you flip the board over, you have a beautiful 100 count rectangle of little pockets evenly spaced out.

~ Use for skip counting
Skip count by placing balls in every second, third, fourth, fifth hole and so on.

~ Use as a language arts board
Little beads with letters on them make for fun spelling games! Adding a set of wooden alphabet beads allows this board to be used for language arts as well as math studies. See how many words you can spell out by forming words out of letters used in previous words and building onto them.

~Use as a game board
Use as a checker board with 4 rows of 2 colours of beads and play until one player's beads are all off the board or invent your own games.

{Included in the Listing}
Components to this set are available separately.

The full basic math set pictured includes the following:
- 1 solid maple double sided hundred count board (approx 9 inches by 6 inches, 3/4 inch thick
- 100 solid wood beads (3/8 inch diameter, roughly the size of an eraser at the end of a pencil)
- 1 solid maple pot with lid (approx 2.5 inch wide by 2 inch high
- 1 solid maple bowl (approx 2.5 inch diameter at widest part)
- 10 double sided numerical symbol tiles (1-10 on side A, 11-20 on side B)
- 10 double sided numbers spelled out (one-ten on side A, eleven-twenty on side B)

Each set is made to order when you purchase it. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to complete all the woodwork before shipping it out to you.

Age Recommendation

Ages 4 years and up


Safety Warnings

WARNING! POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD. Set contains small parts. Not recommended for children under age 4 years.