Babies are both precious and amazing. And everyone loves to celebrate first moments with them. Moments like baby’s first smile, when baby rolls and when baby first sits up on his/her own. Another momentous time to celebrate is when baby moves from one location to another. Some scoot, some crawl and others tend to do more of a swimming movement. When they start to scoot/crawl/swim or whatever they have figured out to get them across the room, they are at a stage where they are ready to be introduced to wheeled toys. This is where MDH Toys Toddler Wheelies come in.

Toddler Wheelies are made especially with your baby in mind. Each of our Toddler Wheelies are made out of solid wood that is hand painted with certified non toxic paint and layers of certified non-toxic gloss that is easy to clean when your baby decides to try tasting them. The Toddler Wheelies also have large 2 inch diameter wheels that are large enough not to be a safety hazard to your little one. They also roll so your baby can crawl after them and along with them, helping them further develop their gross motor skills.

Toddler Wheelie Buddies

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