Peg Doll Play Sets

Storytelling is a very important part of communication and one of the first things that children learn to do in early childhood education. The reason for this is simple: storytelling helps us develop dialogue. This includes learning how to ask questions, listen, and answer questions, It also helps you to learn how to put your thoughts in order, how to establish a timeline and how to convey your thoughts to others. 


While some kids have an easy time with this, there are other children that need a little extra help. And that is where barrier games come into play.


Barrier Games

Barrier games is when you have 2 people with 2 completely identical play sets. The two people sit on opposite ends of a table and have a barrier between them blocking their view from each other. One person is telling the story, saying in detail where to place each of the items from the play sets. The second person listens to the first person and places their items as the first person tells them to. Once the story is completed, the barrier is removed and you can see if both sets are placed identically. Then the rolls are reversed and second person tells the story and character positions while the first person listens and follows along.


Each of our storytelling play sets are sold individually. We have put the second identical set or character in the options at a discounted price if you are wanting to use these sets for barrier games.

If you have any questions on any of our sets, please contact us. We can also custom make sets for you.