Large Prairie Meadow Rainbow Stacker

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Rainbow stacker puzzles are one of the first tools that can help a youngster recognize sizes and how to put sizes in order from biggest to smallest. Your little one will enjoy the bright stimulating colours, love running his/her hand against the smooth strands and learning how to use the rainbow stacker in different ways. You will take comfort knowing that your kindergartener is playing with a safe, non-toxic heirloom quality solid wood toy. 

{Use this puzzle for}

  • colour recognition
  • size recognition
  • colour sorting by using letter colours along with other items of same colour
  • balancing by balancing the rainbow strands on a tabletop or on each other. 


{Listing Includes}
• One solid maple prairie meadow rainbow stacker puzzle



approx 10.5 inches wide by approx 5.25 inches high

approx 3/4 inch thick



 The MDH Toys Rainbow Stacker Puzzle is meticulously crafted out of locally sourced hardwood maple that is harvested with sustainable practices. Each strand is cut by hand on a scroll saw and sanded twice. Once with a belt sander and a second time by hand ensuring that they have smooth rounded edges free of splinters. They are then painted in our shop with certified non-toxic water based paint and finished in enough coats of certified non-toxic gloss to ensure that they are water resistant. A timeless favorite, these heirloom quality educational learning tools can be passed down from generation to generation.



  • solid maple
  • certified non-toxic water based paint
  • certified non-toxic gloss


Age Recommendation

Ages 4 years and up

Toy Safety Warnings

None applicable as the middle piece meets with the requirements for small parts testing for children under age 4.



Product Video:

Video snippet taken from MDH Toys product video collaboration with @Julianna042614 (Calgary, Alberta). 

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