Bowling Sets - Items tagged as "Dog"

Table top bowling games are both fun and educational. They facilitate learning in so many different ways and are great for various ages. 


Age 2 & 3 

  • Enhancing hand-eye coordination skills
  • learning to aim
  • basic counting skills 1-5
  • colour learning when asked to knock down a specific colour
  • Please note: pins 5 inches high and larger are recommended for this age.


Age 3-5

  • continuation of balancing objects
  • continuation of enhancing hand-eye coordination skills
  • continuation of learning to aim
  • counting and basics of addition subtraction 1-5


  Ages 6-9

  • basic addition math games
  • basic subtraction math games
  • creative storytelling with bowling pin characters and balls


Ages 9-12

  •  advanced addition games by following the rules and scoring of 5 pin bowling 
  • being storytelling inspiration and inspire creatively written stories
  • being used as an educational learn to draw/paint item. Unfinished, ready to sand and paint wooden bowling pins available upon request.


Ages 12 and Up

  • bowling sets make very cute shelf decor 
  • bowling sets also make for awesome seasonal decor for the hard to get family member
  • collect all of our bowling characters or ask us to paint up bowling pin characters to look like your family members.
  • custom theme requests welcome (please note that we do not plagiarizer other people's characters, instead we create our own original design work. If you want a super hero theme - we will create original super heroes for your theme)