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Toy Safety

How We Test

Toy safety is an integral part of M.D. Handfield Designs Inc. When making any product for our MDH Toys brand, we ensure that the finished product meets toy safety regulations as put out by the CCPSA and Canada Health. In addition to this, we also have made sure to manufacture our toys in accordance with the F963-17 US Toy Manufacturing regulations, which has even more rules and safety requirements.
Each and every toy is tested by us before it leaves our shop to make sure that it is safe for your kids. Some of the ways we test our toys are:

Product Certificates:

Custom Name Puzzles:
3 letter puzzle 
4 letter puzzle
5 letter puzzle
6 letter puzzle
7 letter puzzle
8 letter puzzle
9 letter puzzle

Colour Sorting Sets
pot of bugs
bowls and mushrooms
tri bowls and mushrooms
bowls and acorns
sorting bowls
stacking cups
tiny mushrooms
pot of mushrooms
rainbow berry sort and scoop

Dexterity Tracing Boards
cursive alphabet tracing board
cvc spinners
an/en/in/on/un spinners
silent e spinners
vowel a add on set
vowel e add on set
vowel i add on set
vowel o add on set



12345 bead stair stacker

Storytelling Sets
orange vintage trailer
red vintage trailer
mermaid lagoon

tabletop bowling
cup and ball game
long spin top
div style="text-align: left;">flip top


Role play
Wooden camera
Wizard wands
Fairy wands