Toy Safety



Here at M.D. Handfield Designs Inc., we take toy safety very seriously. Every toy we make is manufactured according to the Government of Canada toy manufacturing laws. We have taken toy safety one step further and have made sure that we are also compliant with the more stringent toy manufacturing laws in USA and Europe. Each toy is individually tested before it leaves our shop to ensure that it is safe for your child to play with. 

We are currently compliant with toy manufacturing worldwide including:

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Europe
  4. Australia



Here are some of the ways we test your toys

MDH Toys Toddler Buddie Teething Toy being tested in the rattle tester MDH Toys shape sorter board oval being tested in the small parts cylinder
MDH Toys Owl Toddler Buddie teething toy being drop tested MDH Toys wooden bowling ball being tested in the small parts rattle tester for children under age 2





Canadian Compliance Certificates


Educational Toys

MDH Toys™ CVC Reading Spinners January 2018

MDH Toys™ Mixed Vowel Reading Spinner January 2018

MDH Toys™ 4 Letter Word Spinners January 2018

MDH Toys™ Printed Alphabet Dexterity Board January 2018

MDH Toys™ Montessori Shape Sorting Board February 2018 


Colour Sorting Toys

Explore and Learn™ Sort and Count Mushrooms and Bowls January 2018

Explore and Learn™ Eggs in Nests January 2018

MDH Toys™ Custom Name Puzzles February 2018


Costume/Role Play Accessories

MDH Toys™ Wizard Wands February 2018