3 Pin Bowling Game with Custom Name Ball (Orange, Green, Gray)

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

SKU: 336-111

Lovingly hand painted in Alberta, these solid wood bowling miniature bowling pins are perfect decor items that can also be used as a toy for younger kids. As an added touch, this set comes with the option to personalize the wooden ball with your special name, phrase or word.


{Set includes}

  • 3 miniature bowling pins (4 inches high)
  • 1 bowling ball with personalized name (1.75 inch diameter)
  • 1 bowling ball stand

    {Recommended age}

    • Age 2 years and older

      {Canadian Toy Safety Warnings}

      • None applicable.


      {Our Process and Materials}

       To keep costs down we use made in USA wooden bowling pins and ball for this set. However if you would like made in Canada wooden bowling pins we can get our woodworker to make the bowling pins for your set. Our handmade wooden bowling pins start at $20/painted pin. We can make bowling pins up to a 10 inch height.

      Wooden bowling pins and the ball are lovingly painted in our studio by hand using certified non-toxic water based paints and certified non-toxic gloss. We use a variety of paint brushes and sometimes even toothpicks to paint on the fine details.

      These heirloom quality wooden toys are finished in multiple coats of gloss to help protect from chipping so that they can be passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for.