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Why this dragon egg is so awesome!

There is so much more to hollow wood dragon eggs than what first meets the eye. Although great for Easter egg hunts and pretend play, they can also be used as educational learning toys.

{Ways to use dragon eggs as learning toys}

  • use a set of them in different colours for colour sorting by adding small items of the same colour inside.
  • use them as shakers to listen to different sounds
  • use them as story starter when you put a slip of paper with a sentence written on it inside of them
  • use them as discovery tools to hold a manipulative in it such as the one pictured with a spin top and the one pictured with a crayon.
  • use them in scavenger hunts by putting a piece of paper with a picture of the item to look for inside of the eggs. Make it a 2 part scavenger hunt by hiding the eggs first.
  • use them for matching games where you have a set of them with tops and bottoms placed in a basket ready to be paired up
  • use them as reward holders by placing a small treat or toy inside

{Included in the listing is}

  • 1 hollow wood dragon egg in your choice of colour
  • optional spin top







Choose the special colour that you would like for your dragon egg. Artist will add metallic gold/copper/silver and other paint accents to make your dragon egg sparkle not mater what colour you choose from our colour chart.






outside measurements: approx 2.75 inches high by approx 1.75 inch wide

inside measurements: approx 2.5 inches high by 1.5 inches wide



      Our Materials and Process

       Our hollow wood dragon eggs are crafted out of imported hollow wooden eggs from the USA that are decorated, textured and painted up in our shop once they arrive to our studio.  When dry, they are finished in a couple coats of gloss to ensure that accidental water or milk spills won't damage them. If looked after and cared for, these dragon eggs will last for generations.



      • imported hollow wood egg
      • thermoplastic resin
      • certified non-toxic acrylic paint
      • certified non-toxic gloss


      Age Recommendation

      Ages 4 years and up



      Toy Safety Warnings

      None applicable

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