Ontario and Toronto Wooden Peg Doll Set

MDH Toys®


Superhero Ontario and his side kick Toronto are ready to protect the province. Use as storytelling toys, storybook characters or even for learning geography. Whatever the use, they are a handcrafted work of art to behold and a delight to play with. Good for both home and school settings.

{Included in Listing}
• 2 wooden peg dolls (approx 2.5 inches high by 1 inch diameter)

{Recommended Age}
Ages 3 years and up

{Toy Safety Warnings}
None applicable

{Toy Care}
Wash in warm, soapy water or mild bleach solution and let air dry.


{About our wooden peg dolls}

These handcrafted wooden peg dolls are hand painted into a cute character ready for play. Finished in several coats of gloss to make it easy to clean and protect the paint job. Our heirloom quality solid maple wooden peg dolls don't break when dropped and can be played with for generations if properly cared for.

Note from artist:

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, your dolls will be similar to the one shown but not exact. I replicate my own paintings but nothing can be truly duplicated with hand painted items.

If you have any questions on this item or would like a custom peg doll created, please contact me.  


Government of Canada registered toy copyright number: 1136352
(c)2013 Miriam D Handfield
All right reserved.