Pastel Bowls of Acorns

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

SKU: 334-192

Why this set is so awesome!

Preschoolers are at a special age of exploration and are beginning to learn about simple colours. Having the same shapes painted in different colours, like shown, will help a child focus on the colours rather than focusing on different shapes.

{This set is awesome because it can help with skills in the following areas}
-learning colours
- counting the acorns
- working on dexterity skills by turning the acorns upside down and using as a spin top
- working on pincer grasp when picking up between finger and thumb
- learning to manipulate scoops and pouring into bowls
- can be used in fairy gardens either indoors or outdoors (completely finished in non-toxic outdoor gloss)

{Listing includes}
- 6 bowls
- 12 acorns
- 1 pot
- 1 scoop

These sort and scoop wooden acorns and bowls help preschoolers with so many different skills as well as teaching them their primary colours. A preschooler can do so many things with this set that it will keep them entertained for a long time. Great for both home and school environments. Get your set today.




  • approx 2.5 inch diameter
  • approx 1 inch high



  • approx 1 inch wide by 1 high



  • approx 3 inch long


    Our Materials and Process

     The MDH Toys travel size acorns and bowls are crafted out of made in USA wooden pieces that are painted up here in our shop.  Once dry, they are finished in a couple coats of gloss. A timeless favorite, this heirloom quality educational learning tool can be passed down from generation to generation. 



    • maple/birch
    • certified non-toxic acrylic paint
    • certified non-toxic gloss


    Age Recommendation

    Ages 4 years through 6 years



    Toy Safety Warnings

    WARNING! POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD. Set contains small parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 4 years.