Provincial Heroes Geography Peg Doll Set

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

SKU: 334-265

Why this set is so awesome!

Come and learn Canadian geography in a whole new and delightful way. This set of Canadian geography superheroes helps children recognize provincial flags and the province that they come from. Add a map of Canada into the mix and see what the peg doll heroes can do to help your little superhero learn all about where each province is located in Canada. And by allowing free play time with the set, who knows what stories your child will come up with.

{Set includes the following 14 characters}

(top row from left to right)
From Nova Scotia - Osprey
From Yukon - Raven
From NWT - Gryfalcon
From Ontario - Moose
From Ninuvit - Inukshuk
From NFL - NFL Ninja

(bottom row from left to right)
From PEI - Jay
From BC - Blue Jade
From New Brunswick - Shcooner
From Manitoba - Bear
Commander Bob - the team's fearless leader
From Saskatchewan - Grouse
From Alberta - Wild Rose
From Quebec - Lis


Each handcrafted wooden peg doll stands
2.5 inches high
7/8 inch round

Our Materials and Process

Each wooden peg doll starts from a solid piece of wood that is cut down on a table saw then brought to the wood lathe to be chiseled by hand while being spun. While still on the lathe, the peg doll is gently sanded smooth. It is then taken off of the lathe and trimmed on the bottom and the top is shaped by hand with a carving knife. 

Once the wooden body of the peg doll has been finished, it is brought to the artist so that she can magically transformation of it into a fun and bright character, full of life, and with the potential to act in many, many stories. 

As these are handcrafted wooden peg dolls, please allow for slight variances of thickness, height and head shape.


Age Recommendation

3 years and up


Toy Safety Warnings

Safety Warnings on this product:
WARNING: POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD for children under the age of 2. Keep out of reach of babies and infants. This product is not intended for children under the age of 3 years.