Rainbow Colour Sorting Bowls

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

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Why this set is so awesome!

Little wooden bowls are great for all sorts of things including colour sorting, object sorting, and holding craft supplies. These solid maple wooden bowls are painted and finished with food safe paints so they can also be used as snacking bowls.

{Use this set for}
-learning colours
- learning to manipulate scoops and pouring into bowls
- snacking bowls
- use as play food in pretend kitchen
- can be used in fairy gardens either indoors or outdoors (completely finished in non-toxic outdoor gloss)
- can be used as stacking toys when combined with a set of our stacking pots or blocks as these will stack together top to top.

{Listing includes}
- set of 6 bowls, one of each of the following colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple


These sorting bowls make great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and Easter basket fillers. Use them in the home, daycare or school.



Each bowl:

  • approx 2.5 inch diameter at its widest point
  • approx 1 inch high



Our Materials and Process

 Meticulously crafted, these solid maple bowls are wood turned by a contracted shop in the USA. They are shipped to us in the rough, which means that they are not sanded and are unfinished. When we get them, we preform the appropriate drop tests and other tests according to toy manufacturing laws. The bowls that pass these tests are then carefully hand sanded smooth, both inside and out. Once smooth, The inside of each bowl is lovingly painted by hand with a brush using certified non-toxic paint followed by two coats of certified non-toxic gloss. The outside of the bowls are also coated with certified non-toxic gloss so that the maple is completely protected in the event of an accidental liquid spill. The gloss also makes them easier to clean and helps to prevent discolouration of wood and paint when washed in mild bleach solution.



  • maple
  • certified non-toxic acrylic paint
  • certified non-toxic gloss


Age Recommendation

Ages 2 years through 6 years



Toy Safety Warnings

none applicable. Good for all ages.

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