Replacement Letter For Custom Name Puzzles

MDH Toys

SKU: 336-794

Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that something terrible happened to a letter in your custom name puzzle.  No worries, we can help out.


Although we can't guarantee that the replacement letters will be a perfect fit, as each letter has been scroll sawed out and the pocket made with a handheld power router, we will cut the letters a bit smaller to account for irregularities but the pocket of the letter on the puzzle base may need to be sanded down in some areas.


Another thing to be aware of is that the colour of the letters may be slightly different than your original purchase. We use the same paint manufacturer but their formula has changed slightly over the past few years and they have discontinued some colours. Their newer formulas are little different than their older ones, but still quite similar for the colours they still have. If your colour has been discontinued I will try my best to mix the colour to be as close to your original colour selection as I can based off of the photo of your puzzle on the computer screen.


When you purchase the replacement letter, please email me a photo of your name puzzle as well so that we can try to colour match as close as possible. We will cross reference with the colours we notated in on your order in our data base.


Included in listing:

1 replacement letter (upper case)