Spell A Word Dice (1.5 inch cube)

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

SKU: 334-900

Why this set is so awesome!

Spelling can be a tough task for some kids, but if you make spelling fun, they will get into it a lot more. Our wooden alphabet cubes help grade school children with spelling in a fun way. The set contains 12 consonant cubes and 4 vowel cubes, ensuring lots of words with every roll of the set.

{To Play}
- Roll the full set of dice and make into a nice square of blocks. Write down as many words as you can make out of the letters on the top of the dice. When you can't make any more words, say "done". Have an adult check for spelling of each of the words.
- Lay out as many words as you can make using the letters. join letters from other words to make more words. When dice are used up, have an adult check spelling.

{Listing Includes}
- 12 consonant cubes
- 4 vowel cubes
- 1 fabric bag to put it all in





Cubes are approx 1.5 inches cubed


Our Materials and Process

Solid wood boards are cut into cubes in our shop and sanded twice, once by machine and once by hand to ensure there are no sharp edges or corners. Letters are wood burned on to each side of the cube.

  • solid wood pine
  • canvas bag



Age Recommendation

Ages 4 years and up.


Toy Safety Warnings

none applicable