Dexterity Tracing Board with Mixed Vowel Reading Spinners Combo Set

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc

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Why this set is so awesome!

This combo set of double sided tracing board with 2 mixed vowel reading spinners is a wonderful deal! 

The MDH Toys solid maple wooden tracing board offers your child an engaging learning experience. Lovingly created, the meticulously crafted single sided alphabet board has recessed letters for your child to trace. Tracing the small letters helps to nurture and develop your child's fine motor skills by use of small hand movements. Included is a wood stylus that helps to develop the pincer grasp, an integral part of printing and handwriting. Dexterity skills are also enhanced while tracing with the stylus. Watch in pride as your child's self confidence is further boosted while learning to print letters.

The MDH Toys mixed vowel CVC Reading Spinners offers your child an engaging hands on tactile learning experience. The reading spinners foster phonetic reading skills and help nurture the young reader's newfound skills as he/she learns to recognize and read basic CVC words. Your child will learn through play as he/she turns the blocks to reveal new letters and words. Watch in pride as your child's self confidence grows daily with broadened understanding and command of the English language. Some words are well known, and other words are rare, but each word is found in one or more dictionary.


{This set can be used in several ways}

  • alphabet recognition
  • letter tracing
  • letter rubbing for artwork/card making
  • dexterity exercises with stylus
  • enables your child focus to focus on learning words one vowel at a time, which makes reading a lot easier
  • helps to foster and nurture a lifelong love of reading
  • helps to further develop fine motor skills as well as dexterity skill with the physical rotation of the wooden blocks

{Listing includes}

  • one printed alphabet tracing board with upper case letters on one side, lower case on the other
  • one wooden stylus
  • two mixed vowel reading spinners (a few words may overlap, but between the 2 spinners there is over 80 real words that can be formed)



Choose your wood finish of the tracing board. Reading Spinner Blocks come with a gloss finish.



Board is 9 inches wide by 6 inches high by 3/4 inch thick.

Reading spinners are approx 6 inches wide using cubes that are approx 1.5 inches.



Our Materials and Process

Tracing board designed by MDH Toys. Woodwork is completed by Willow Hill Designs who sends it back to us to finish in our toy maker studio.

The pine blocks in the reading spinners are also made locally by another one of our collaborators.

All wooden parts and pieces are painted and assembled into toys in our art studio.


A special note about the font: we get asked every so often what the font we use for these are. We are in a unique position as we were able to get an amazing computer programmer to trace Miriam’s hand written letters to make this board and blocks.



  • solid maple board made locally
  • poplar stylus
  • pine cubes made locally
  • made in USA wooden dowel and wheels
  • certified non toxic gloss
  • certified non toxic acrylic paint


Age Recommendation

Ages 3 years through 6 years



Toy Safety Warnings

WARNING! POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD. Set contains small parts. Not recommended for children under the age of 4 years. 

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