Unicorn's Rainbow Hand Kite

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Why this toy is so awesome!

Dancing and twirling with satin ribbons twirling and swirling all around while kids joyously play. One day they might be pretending they are a unicorn prancing under its rainbow or a Pegasus flying over the rainbow arch. Another day they may be a magical fairy flying through the flowers and yard. Handcrafted hand kites make beautiful open ended toys and provide wonderful sensory experiences.

{Included in listing}

1 "Unicorn's Rainbow" ribbon hand kite
gift box

{Ribbon Colour Blend}

bright pink, orange, lemon, lime, bright blue and purple



1 wooden ring approx 2.65 inch diameter

Ribbon tail end length dependent upon what you request


Age Recommendation

 Recommended for ages 3 years and older. Please read toy safety warnings before choosing your ribbon tail length.


Toy Safety Warnings

WARNING! The ribbons on this product present a potential strangulation hazard. Not recommended for children under age 3 years.

Government of Canada Toy Manufacturing Law Regulations say:
- for children under 3 years of age, cords and ribbons shall be less than 300mm (12 inches) long
- for over age 3 years but under 14 years of age, cords and ribbons must not be capable of extending to 500mm or greater in length (20 inches)



Our Materials and Process

Made in USA wooden rings are decorated with bright ribbon that shimmers and gleams with colour. Knots are hand tied and glued to ensure the ribbon is securely tied to the wooden ring. All ends of ribbons are heat sealed to prevent fraying



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